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01 Mar
Ceramic is one of the most cutting edge materials currently on the market, and offers durability and strength paired with affordability, a combination that is proving to be irresistible to male shoppers. OOTrend Jewelry has a newly expanded selection of Benchmark's designer Ceramic rings, as well as great value options in a variety of designs.
04 Jun
Sometimes, you can not distinguish stainless steel jewelry from a silver one because of its similar appearance. But those similarities end when you consider the components that make this particular jewelry metal stand out. Stainless steel jewelry is a harder metal than silver and has some distinct advantages that set it apart from the other jewelry materials.

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OOtrend Established in 2011 in ShenZhen City, Guangdong, China. We are a professional manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales service. Our company mainly supplies stainless steel jewelry,titanium jewelry, tungsten jewelry and ceramic jewelry

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